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Thursday, September 03rd, 2009 | Author: admin

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If you are anything like me, then you like weapons.  I have a collection that includes knives, swords, axes, spears, daggers, and even a crossbow.  So it is only natural that my interest include origami weapons as well.

Learning how to make origami weapons can be a great pass time and a great skill to have. You can use this skill to make a gift for someone, impress your friends at parties or you even start your own decorative fiber art collection. Their are a variety of weapons you can make with paper, and they can range from basic to complex depending on how much additional materials you are using other than paper.

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You can still make some great origami weapons with just paper though, some good examples are a knife, shuriken or even a gun with a reload mechanism. I will be giving you a quick tutorial on making a knife in this article but you can get loads more tips on how to make origami weapons over at my blog, link at the end of this article.

This weapon is moderately easy to make and you will only need a square sheet of paper.







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Step 1: Use the square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally so it looks like a triangle. Fold the opposite side so it creates a smaller triangle. Then, unfold the paper so it is a square again. These folds will help to form the guide lines for the rest of the steps.

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Step 2: Turn the sheet of paper so one corner is facing you. Fold in the sides to line up with the middle guide line. It should now look like a kite.

Step 3: Fold the two middle corners back. Ensure that they line up near the outer portion of the paper, but don’t cross over.

Step 4: Turn the paper over. Fold the sides of the paper up to create two small triangles.

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Step 5: Take one of the sides and fold it into the middle. Then, fold the bottom of the paper toward the middle as well, leaving some space between it and the other side.

Step 6: Fold the other side toward the middle but leave some space in between.

Step 7: Fold the paper in half. It will now look like a knife.

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You can keep the knife the way it is or you can paint it for decoration. Remember these should not be used as real knifes and are for display purposes only.

Author: Azad Haque

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If you are interested in getting into origami or want to learn how to make origami weapons, click here to head over to my Blog

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http://howtomakeorigamiweapons.blogspot.com/ to get more tutorials and videos. Watching live video tutorials can help better understand the folding process and you should then practice, practice and practice some more to get extremely good at it. Happy paper folding.

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I love to experiment with origami paper folding, check out my collection of tutorials and videos so that you can also join my passion.

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How to make origami paper weapons. The best way to find out how to make paper weapons form origami is watching a video of it.

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