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Tuesday, April 07th, 2009 | Author: admin

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Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a fun activity for kids as well as adults. While adults can master more intricate pieces, children love making the easier boxes and birds and other figures. Most children are already making little Origami toys at school, paper snappers and fortune telling finger boxes.

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The best way to teach Origami for kids is to demonstrate the procedures for them, especially for the younger children. There are fairly simple diagrams, and older children can usually figure them out, but a one-to-one teaching situation, or small group teaching, works best for the younger set. Classic Origami books are written by Isao Honda, Yoshizawa, and Sakade. There are many others, some just for beginners.

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Perhaps the most important thing to communicate about creating Origami paper figures is to be sure all creases and folds are done precisely. Very straight folds and crisp folds are important, particularly when you start making figures that use more than one sheet of paper. The paper is the other very important element for Origami. Be sure your papers are exactly square. You can purchase special, colorful, Origami papers that are pre-cut from a craft store. Or, you can make your own squares. By doing two diagonal folds and matching sides, you can create a good square. For kids, just start with some typing paper. Take the bottom right corner and bring that and the bottom side over to the left side of the whole sheet. Press down on the diagonal fold you created and you will see a triangle with a short but wide rectangle above it. Cut off the rectangle, leaving just the folded triangle. Now, unfold the triangle and refold from the left lower corner over to the right side of the square. Your sides should match and when you unfold this, you will have your excellent square piece of paper, with criss cross diagonal folds. This is fine, because many Origami designs begin with a diagonal fold. When you are attempting to do Origami for kids, these larger square are easier for their little fingers and hands to work with and the results will be bigger.

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There are many Origami books you can locate at bookstores or on eBay. Look for the easiest, single page creations. Some examples are: blow up balloon box, crow, bunny mask, cat, and dog. The balloon box is fun. Kids make a lot of folds and when done, there is a small shape which, when you blow into the open end, will puff up into a square box. These boxes can be hung as decorations by inserting a small piece of toothpick tied to a string into the blow up open space. Or, kids can just bat them around for fun, or blow them up again and again. Use colorful papers for better decoration. Children can take their white papers and create their own decorations also, before folding into shapes.

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Origami for kids is a fun way to spend time rain or shine!


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